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Jaden Storm

Current Cast Member — Jaden Storm is the owner of Voyeurboys, as well as one of the models. He has been entertaining in the web cam industry for 6 years and still loves it to this very day! Not only does Jaden thrive at putting on a good show, he also created the cam house where he could bring in new cam models and help teach them the ropes. Jaden is 6’2, usually weighs around 185, has 17″ guns & a 7 inch cock that gets Raging hard. Whenever asked of his sexual preference he prefers no labels. The closest he comes is calling himself Try-Sexual, as he likes to try all different kinds of sex, with all different people, men and women. He loves 3somes and orgies & his favorite sex position is the Eiffel Tower. Jaden loves meeting new members here on the site and makes everyone feel like a part of the family.

Jake Karhoff

Current Cast Member — This 23 year old former college wrestler hails from the Midwest. Loving the sport, Jake brought his wrestling gear with him to the Voyeurboys house & can often be seen wearing it for his cam shows. Being a pernicious fellow, Jake loves to have sex in kinky places, which is a big turn on and thrill for him. Being very open minded, Jake enjoys sex with both men & women. He loves group sex & orgies. Being such an athletic guy Jake loves all spots & excels in most any sport he plays. He loves the water and especially loves to scuba dive. Jake puts a lot of effort into his cam shows as he loves to please his viewers. As he likes to call it, watch his shows to enjoy a Jake-Off experience.

Jay Bunny

Current Cast Member — Jay Bunny, nicknamed JB, hails from the state of Kansas. He is 21 years old with Indian & native American blood in him. JB loves hitting the gym on a daily basis to keep in shape. He also loves hiking, camping & anything outdoors. JB says his hottest sexual experience was having sex in a public park, most especially because he loved the risk of getting caught. His true fantasy is to have sex on the beach by the ocean.

Leo West

Current Cast Member– Leo West is 20 years old from Atlanta Georgia. Before joining Voyeurboys, Leo was perusing acting, doing stand in work in movies. Since joining the house, Leo’s goal has been to get his body into the kind of shape he’s always wanted and has become very active in going to the gym daily. His other hobbies include most sports, especially swimming. On his free time he loves binge watching Netflix. As for sex, Leo loves to try new and different experiences. His hottest was the time he tied someone up, blindfolded and fucked them. His current fantasy is having sex on the beach. Leo says he is loving this great new opportunity presented to him in being a VB, hanging with with the other models & making friends with the members.

Dakota Bryson

PREVIOUS MODEL–This 21 year old stud hails from Illinois. He’s stands over 6’3. Before coming to the Voyeurboys house Dakota was a factory worker and built walk in freezers. He loves racing dirt bikes & is very much into a variety of mixed martial arts. He is a 2 striped in Ju Jitsu. Dakota loves working out & hopes to one day be a fitness model. He’s trying very hard to improve his body & works out every day. Dakota has a cut cock that’s over 8 inches. His hottest sexual experience was having sex in a department store dressing room. His ultimate fantasy is to one day have sex with a movie star. He loves being a Voyeurboy & the new exciting lifestyle he’s never been able to experience before

Damien Michaels

PREVIOUS MODEL — Damien has led a very interesting life at the young age of only 25. He joined the military as an Information Systems Technician right out of high school. He spent 6 years in there with 2 deployments. After finishing that he moved back to Chicago where he started modeling & dancing. That eventually led his way into the adult entertainment industry, which he really enjoys. His hobbies include computers, traveling, video games, working out and even learning investing in the stock market. Damien’s sexual fantasies are a bit risqué. he likes to fuck in public places, while his ultimate sexual fantasy is to join the mile high club. Damien puts a lot of thought into all his cam shows and developing a relations with his viewers.

Jacob Peterson

PREVIOUS MODEL — This 21 year old Russian born stud was raised in Arizona. Jacob is 6’3, 185 and has an 8 inch uncut cock. He’s a real outdoors man, he loves camping, long hikes up steep Arizona mountains, biking, swimming, off-roading & most especially, sex. Jacob is openly gay, has a huge sexual appetite & loves to be dominated. He considers himself versatile, but most especially loves to get bottomed. Jacob has a huge collection of dildos and vibrators, and loves using them for most of his cam shows. He has a large variety of friends in the area and has been known for inviting a few to do cam shows with him.

Jason Keys

PREVIOUS MODEL– Jason is a aspiring DJ who was raised in Arizona. His goal is to be a global DJ & producer in all genres of music. Jason loves to attend music festivals and raves. His cock is slightly above 7 inches and he knows how to use it. Jason’s ultimate sexual fantasy is to have sex with a hot random stranger at a music festival.

Ken Ott

PREVIOUS MODEL — Filipino physique competitor loves exercising, intense workouts & building his body up to it’s maximum potential. Before joining Voyeurboys Ken spent 4 years in the Marines. He’s known to spend up to 2 hours a day in the gym and keeps himself on a very strict diet. He’s known for helping other members get themselves on a diet & exercise program which he caters specifically to their needs. Ken is 5’10, around 185-190 lbs. He has a 7 inch cock, puts on intense Jerk-off shows and in most cases, shoots a Massive load. Ken is bi-sexual, loves to go out to meet new people & have new adventures.

Max Bond

Current Cast Member — Max is 25 years old of Italian/Dominican decent. Before joining Voyeurboys he worked in construction, investing & was also in the navy. Some of his hobbies range from reading to cage fighting, downhill biking, running & swimming. The one sexual fantasy of Max’s that he has yet to have but really hopes to, is getting gang banged by 2 guys with huge cocks. He says “if I can take that, I can take anything.” Max is loving being at the VB house and excited about having new experiences with all the guys.

Parker Kane

PREVIOUS MODEL– Midwest raised farm boy Parker Kane spent some time in the Navy where he got to travel throughout Asia. He enjoyed his work when he ventured into the porn business & is loving his new life as a Voyeurboy. Some of Parker’s hobbies include swimming, scuba diving, hiking, and cooking for others. He also enjoys playing on the stripper pole. Parker’s most memorable sexual experience was being pounded by a 10 inch cock in front of dozens of men at a sex party that he hosted. The one fantasy he has yet to try is joining the mile high club. It has yet to happen, but has come close with a steward and a stewardess.

Stone Sully

PREVIOUS MODEL– This 24 year old Irish/Puerto Rican stud hails from Oklahoma. Stone is very proud of his Irish roots & dedicated his right arm to a sleeve tattoo to show that off. A very sexual person, Stone say’s his hottest sexual experience was when he had sex in a half filled movie theatre. While most have a sexual fantasy they want to fulfils, Stone says he’s had so much Great sex, that he has fulfilled pretty much every fantasy he’s ever wanted to try. Very dedicated to keeping in shape & improving his body, Stone works out on a daily basis. He loves his recently purchased motorcycle & enjoys taking long rides all around Phoenix.

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